The Gallery is ready for essays about Aikido, images, artwork, or video clips of kids training, equipment in use, cool games, etc. Kids and Adults are both encouraged to submit files.

For video clips: QuickTime ".mov" files are preferred, but I can convert whatever you send me. If the files are larger than 5mb, email me and I will respond with ftp instructions so we can get the file to the server. For files less than 5mb, just attach them to email.

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Video Clips
Frank Doran, 7th Dan, and Bernice Tom, 6th Dan - Taijutsu and Weapons practices AikidoKids is proud to offer the complete clip content of the "Aikido Interactive" CD-Rom originally created by Dave Goldberg, now Chief Instructor of Aikido of Mission Valley. © 1995 Dave Goldberg
Teaching Resources

Aviv Goldsmith Sensei, 5th Dan, founder of Aikido in Fredericksburg, organized the first ever "Teaching Aikido to Children" Seminar. 10 presenters, 40 participants, and inspiring for everyone. is honored to host various teaching materials presented at this event, and would happily host similar materials from other sources.

Teaching Materials
  Aiki Taiso and Aiki Taiso Variations - A helpful listing of traditional class warm up exercises with all the proper Japanese names.

Sharon Seymore

  Martial Arts Creed for Children - Great for the dojo bulletin board © 2002 Mark Larson
father & son image
Martial Arts Creed author Mark Larson & son, 21 months old, training in Japan in 2002.

Technique Spiral - Simple way to plan out what to do each class


SHAPE, White Book is an activity and coloring book based on Aikido principles for children age 4 to 8. An expansive treasure chest of creative ideas and stories, this book helps children learn about the power of shaping themselves while enjoying the vibrant experience of their whole being.

About the author/illustrator: Michelle Manger Keip, RN has been teaching life skills and training in the martial arts since 1976. She holds a Nidan in Aikido, is a certified instructor with Kidpower International and the Creative Director of Wellspring Aikido Arts. To order her book or for more information write:

Michelle Manger Keip

Aikido Today Magazine "Kids and Aikido" Columns

posted here

Robert Kent

Egbert is a pretty normal kid with a not so normal name. A name he blames for being teased and getting into fights at school. Just as he's about to get the #$%& beaten out of him on the way home by three bullies, he's rescued by a girl. A girl who tells to bullies to leave Egbert alone, and tosses them gently aside until they leave. A girl who takes Aikido. . .

The Transformation of Egbert is one of several books available for download as pdf files at The Listening Institute website (

Richard Moon
The day after the WTC attack, Lance Morrow, writing for Time Magazine, published an editorial, titled "The Case for Rage" that called for us to respond with a sustained hatred and a brutal military strike. This essay is my response.
Robert Kent
Aikido West requires Ni Dan candidates submit a brief essay on an Aikido-related topic. As a former English teacher, I've always been fascinated by how the stories we tell shape who we are and the world we live in.
Robert Kent
Technique Spiral - Not an essay, but a simple list of techniques used to simplify lesson planning, especially in dojos with more than one instructor. Eight days of techniques last a month if there are two classes per week, and the list, when repeated each subsequent month, allows students to return to techniques each time with a little bit more experience and confidence.
Robert Kent
Images and Galleries
Our 4th 24-Hour Gasshuku - this time held at Aikido of Berkeley, welcomed 45 people onto the mat - 6 instructors, several parents, and kids from 8 different Bay Area dojos.
image by Martha Kops
Kid's participating in Adult General Class - part of the 2nd 24-Hour Kid-Energy Gasshuku at Aikido West. I particularly like the "stillness in the midst of movement" quality of the image. Cyndy Hayashi Sensei, 6th dan, is shown teaching. ©2004 Bob Burkhalter, Aikido West
click on any photo to see and Aikido West's Fall 24-Hour Gasshuku Photo Gallery
all photos ©2003 Bob Burkhalter, Aikido West
click on photo to see Aikido Northwest Kid's Leadership Camp photo gallery

© 2003 Bruce Foster, Aikido Northwest
Cornelia Baumgartner of KidPower in New Zealand sends us this photo to prove how intense training can be when you take it outside the dojo. Let's hope the water wasn't TOO cold.
© 2004 Cornelia Baumgartner
Kid's class Stocking Stuffing Party at Nashville Aikikai - which donates stockings every Christmas to a local Head Start program.
© 2002 Mark Miller, Nashville Aikikai
click on photo for larger image
© 2002 Shari Dyer, Aikido of Diablo Valley
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Simon is a 14 year old Aikido student in New Zealand, and has been training for about six years. He recently started producing a comic strip featuring AikidoMan.

Simon Hartman

(who would love to hear what you think of his comic strip)