AikidoKids 24-hour Bay Area Gasshuku
Aikido of Berkeley - 2 pm Saturday April 21st through 2 pm Sunday April 22nd, 2012.

Gasshuku poster small is pleased to announce our next kid's 24-hr. event - A total of seven classes, with seven instructors, and kids from all over the Bay Area - Housing and 3 meals provided.

Click on thumbnail to download flyer as a pdf.

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"Gasshuku" means "Intense Training Experience" - Please note that the flyer specifies kids need to be age nine or older. Mature and experienced 7 and 8 year olds interested in attending with either a parent or their own instructor are also welcome - contact for details.

This spring's gasshuku is also a benefit for charity. The PeaceCamp Initiative brings Palestinians and Jewish youth leaders from the martial arts community (all candidates are participants in Budo for Peace programs) to an American summer camp in upstate Pennsylvania, where they forge the friendships and trust they will need when they return home to start sowing seeds of peace and tolerance in a land where both are scarce. All participants paying the $75 registration fee will get a tax receipt for $25 contribution. Any donations beyond that are fully tax-deductible.

Anyone planning to attend is asked to pre-register
  • Download the Registration form and send it in (before 4/17, if possible).
  • We've had 40+ on the mat at these events - so please register early!
  • If you have any questions, please email
If someone else (another parent, an instructor) will be bringing your child to the event, download and fill out the Aikido of Berkeley waiver form (or your child will not be able to train). ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A VALID, PARENT-SIGNED WAIVER IN ORDER TO TRAIN. (waivers will be available at the Berkeley dojo if you are bringing your own child on Saturday)
We've emailed flyers to every Bay Area dojo we could find an address for, but if you'd like your own copy, you can download it here.
All participants need to be ready, in terms of maturity and experience, to train with young-at-heart adults as well as other kids, as we join with Aikido of Berkeley's regular Sunday morning class.
Participants are asked to bring bokken and jo, but the Gasshuku will have some training weapons available for those without their own.
Students who need scholarship assistance to attend should contact Robert Kent -